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Provide Expert Witness Testimony All The Time

Any good lawyer knows that you can’t prove your case without evidence. Juries want proof that what you are saying is true. Sometimes this evidence is very scientific in nature and the regular people of the jury can’t fully comprehend what it means. This would be a good reason to hire an expert witness.

Financial cases are a common type of case where an expert witness is hired. Banking law is complicated enough if you work in the industry. It’s even harder to understand if you have no relationship with it. Michael F. Richards and other consultants like him provide expert witness testimony all the time for court cases that deal with real estate, banking law, and loan documents. Here are three good reasons lawyers should consider hiring expert witnesses to help them with their court cases.

Unbiased – Witnesses can often come off as biased during testimonies. A jury knows that an expert has to provide an unbiased opinion on the information that they know about the case. The only person’s interest who they have in mind is any person in the courtroom that wants the truth. In many cases, these are scientists who use the scientific method to help analyze data and report on it in a courtroom.

They improve your chances – Expert witnesses have been known to completely change the momentum of a case. A really good one can make an unwinnable case a win. This is because they can explain the circumstantial evidence and turn it into real evidence. That takes diligence and attention to detail, but this is something that the person should have anyways if they are considered an expert.

They are certified – They are considered experts. This means that they obviously have some kind of education or training in the field. Often times, they have years of experience as well. All of this experience and training means they can speak eloquently about the subject while still speaking in terms that a layperson on the jury can understand. The best expert witnesses understand how to explain complicated matters in a simplified way.

If you are a lawyer who works in financial law, you should always have an expert witness on speed dial. They can win a case for you that was previously thought to be unwinnable. Their courtroom experience and calmness under pressure make them a great tool for cross-examinations. Even the toughest questioning is something that they usually have seen before.